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Will the next Porsche Boxster Spyder get GT3 power?

Report: New Boxster Spyder special is on the way with naturally aspirated horsepower

Before Porsche introduced the newest generation of 718 Boxsters, it built a 3.8-liter H6 powered variant of the last generation to send it away in style. Well, according to what Autocar spotted testing in the cold climes of the Arctic Circle, the next Boxster Spyder is just around the corner.

According to Autocar, the Boxster Spyder will share most of its track-ready parts with the Cayman GT4 except for its powerplant -- the 4.0-liter naturally aspirated H6 from the Porsche 911 GT3 will apparently see use in the Boxster Spyder instead of the 3.8-liter H6 in the Cayman GT4. If that’s the case, the Boxster Spyder will go down as one of the coolest Porsche road cars ever.

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Date Posted: February 9, 2018