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Porsche Downtown L.A.

This Porsche was found in the Oregon woods after 27 years

Was the 924 stolen for a joyride, or was it involved in some other crime?

A Porsche 924 reported stolen from an Oregon movie theater parking lot in 1991 has been found at the base of a cliff 27 years later, KOMO News reports. The 1979 coupe was located by a man who was following his dog in the woods southwest of Crater Lake, Oregon, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office told the news outlet.

Following the man's report of the car to authorities, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office examined the Porsche and found it was still wearing its registration tags, which expired in 1991.

"Heavy forest debris indicated the vehicle had been there for a significant period of time," the sheriff's office stated in a report seen by KOMO News.  "The registration tags expired in 1991. Further investigation found the Porsche was reported stolen on January 20, 1991, from the parking lot of the Southside Cinema in Medford."

Two detectives examined the abandoned Porsche the next day and found no human remains, only deer bones nearby.

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Date Posted: December 6, 2017