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Here's how Porsche will adapt to the coming age of electric cars

Report: Porsche plans powertrain triad as it seeks to 'stabilize' climbing volume

If the transition from air-cooled cars to water-cooled cars was enough to cause controversy among Porsche enthusiasts, the rapidly approaching era of electric cars could bring nothing less than a schism. Indeed, it's difficult to imagine replicating the traditional Porsche experience of a manual gearbox, a clutch pedal and a tachometer in the age of one-speed transmissions and instant torque delivery, but Porsche plans to navigate this brave new world without losing sight of what made its cars legendary in the first place.

The automaker recently announced its strategy for the coming age of electric cars at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart amid celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the 356, viewed by enthusiasts as the true starting point of the Porsche legend.

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Date Posted: February 9, 2018