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Crafty Engineering Lets Porsche's Cayenne SUV Drive Like a 911

Each time Porsche sets out to design a new generation of its popular Cayenne SUV, it takes on the same challenge: making a car that feels more like a Porsche than a popular SUV. That is, ditching the rolling Barcalounger effect so common to these hulking vehicles in favor of the taut stability more common to cars like Porsche’s sports cars. And doing it without losing the comfort and utility that makes someone buy the Cayenne instead of the 911.

So for the 2018 Cayenne, the third generation of the cushy five-seater that debuted in 2002, Porsche did what it does best: It told its engineers to figure it out. Being Porsche engineers, they delivered. The new Cayenne soaks up turns like a proper sports car, staying flat and stable as you grow bolder and bolder behind the wheel. Sure, you feel the SUV’s mass when you lay on the brakes entering a turn, but that awareness dissipates as the Cayenne’s many technical innovations activate, keeping it on track and coiled up for a brisk exit on the other side.

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Date Posted: December 6, 2017