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Bryan B. DeBoer | Dealer Principal

Victor Ghassemi

Victor Ghassemi | General Manager

As a true and passionate German car enthusiast I started my automotive career here in Southern California in 1995. Porsche has always been a brand I’ve always admired and have been extremely passionate about.  I was always so enamored with Porsche that I was excited to join the Porsche family and Porsche of Downtown LA in April of 2010. I look forward to meeting with each and every one of our clients to ensure an exemplary experience and I hope to meet you soon as well.

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Keni Huang

Keni Huang | General Sales Manager

Keni Huang was born in Taiwan and grew up in Thailand. He speaks four fluent languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Thai, and English. He has over 8 years of experience in Sales Management and Customer Relations. Keni builds his success through sharing the heart of Porsche Passion with family, friends and clients. He values every opportunity and encourages every client to visit Porsche of Downtown LA before making a purchase.

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Gerald Tan

Gerald Tan | Sales Manager

Gerald Tan has been with the Porsche brand since March 2000 and with Porsche of Downtown LA since 2013.  Porsche’s unparalleled growth and success has only fueled his passion and love for the brand.   He is the consummate professional with a keen attention to detail.  Whether this is your first or your next Porsche, let Gerald and the team at Porsche of Downtown LA make your Porsche experience a memorable one.

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Jonathan Arvatz

Jonathan Arvatz | Sales Manager

Jonathan Arvatz has been with Porsche of Downtown LA since 2007 as the Internet Sales Manager overseeing our website, dealer specials and much more.  Jonathan has been with the Porsche brand for 10 years and is knowledgeable in most things Porsche.  What makes Jonathan such an enthusiast is that his favorite car since he was a child has been a 911 Turbo.  Almost everything changes with time, but his passion for the Porsche brand has not.  When you are ready to start looking for your dream Porsche, call or stop by Porsche of Downtown LA and see Jonathan Arvatz.

Phone: 213.222.1287 • Email:

Vicki Carbone

Vicki Carbone | Service Manager

I have been with Porsche for 20 years.  I started as a warranty administrator, then service advisor and for the past 9 years, service manager.   I’ve always enjoyed fast cars, and found that Porsche was the best handling, fast car out there.  I have a Cayman S, which I really enjoy.  On my off time I love to golf, cook and relax with friends and family. My staff and I are here to provide you the best possible service and experience in the care and maintenance of your Porsche. Thank for for choosing Porsche of Downtown LA.

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John Cornejo

John Cornejo | Parts Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, it is a point of pride to represent Porsche in my own backyard. I’ve had the privilege of calling Porsche of Downtown L.A. my home since 2001. It has been a great joy to have grown with this company. I’ve witnessed Porsche of Downtown L.A. flourish from a small operation in the shadows of our skyline to one of the top Porsche Centers in the Country. It is our perpetual goal to uphold and embody the values the Porsche crest stand for. We sincerely thank you for sharing your dream car with us. Welcome to Downtown L.A. Make yourself at home.

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Elvis Badal

Elvis Badal | Internet Sales Manager

Elvis Badal has been working with Downtown LA Auto Group since 2006. He has been with Porsche for over 5 years and his number one priority is to keep his clients happy and satisfied. On his free time he enjoys playing basketball, watching football, and working out.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8189 • Email:

Roger Minassian

Roger Minassian | Internet Sales Manager

Roger Minassian grew up in the automobile business in Studio City, CA as a pre-owned manager assistant and then becoming a sales associate at the age of 19. What he enjoys most 22 years in the business and ongoing is the fun of socializing with great people and sharing the passion about sports cars. Sincerity, integrity and really listening to the client's needs have been the key to Roger’s success. Roger has been with the Porsche brand for 14 years. His first Porsche was a 1999 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. What attracted him to the car was Porsches great passion for engineering and flawless handling dynamics. I love the way the driver and sports car can unite as one to create an intensified driving experience. There is no substitute.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8191 • Email:

Eugene Fong

Eugene Fong | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Eugene Fong was born in Hong Kong and raised in Boston. He speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, German, and Bostonian. Eugene has over 28 years in the automotive retail business. Cars have been and always will be his passion. His love for Porsches started in high school when his first car was a 1969 912 in Slate Grey. He treats all his clients like family members, and your satisfaction is his number one priority.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8158 • Email:

Simon Kouyoumjian

Simon Kouyoumjian | Porsche Brand Ambassador

With over 20 years selling Porsches in Los Angeles, Simon is a consummate professional. He is a resident expert on all things Porsche, always attentive to your pre and post purchase needs. Simon delivers the ultimate Porsche experience.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8181 • Email:

Bahman Afshin

Bahman Afshin | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Bahman Afshin has been selling luxury sports cars for over 15 years. With some technical and manufacturing background, he is familiar with the process of building a product from concept to production. Porsche does an unbelievable job every step of the way from form to fit and function. Bahman looks forward to share his sports car experience and exemplary customer service with his clients.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8192 • Email:

Irwin Merida

Irwin Merida | Service Advisor

My name is Irwin Merida. I have worked in the automotive industry for four years.  I have worked for Porsche of Downtown L.A. for almost 2 years now, and I am a Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador.  I have earned my A.A. Degree in Automotive Technology, and currently completing my B.A. in Automotive Management and Marketing. It is my pleasure in assisting you with the care and maintenance of your Porsche.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8155 • Email:

Rambo Jennings

Rambo Jennings | Service Advisor

Rambo(His real name) has been with the Porsche family for two years. Rambo knew early on in life that he was a lover of automobiles and anything that goes vroom. His first car was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air(A car he regrets selling to this day).  Rambo started and ran a successful entertainment company that he left to pursue his passion in the automotive field. It is his pleasure to assist you with the care and maintenance of your Porsche.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8154 • Email:

Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez | Service Advisor Assistant

Jose has been working for Porsche of Downtown LA for 4 months now, but has been with the Downtown LA Auto Group for 10 years. He is responsible for greeting customers, setting appointments, providing follow up with clients as needed. He also handles the reconditioning of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and maintaining our Porsche loaner fleet. 

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8156 • Email:

Lorena Ramos

Lorena Ramos | Driver's Selection by Porsche Design Specialist

Lorena has been part of the Porsche of Downtown LA family almost 9 years. She worked as a receptionist for over 6 years. 3 years ago she was given the opportunity to work as our boutique specialist and service and parts cashier. In her free time she enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8137 • Email:

Ivan Estrada

Ivan Estrada | Porsche Parts Specialist

I have been a Porsche team member for nearly 10 years.  I am as fascinated by the Porsche mystique as my clients are. From the racing heritage to the pioneering technology, working for this car line has opened my eyes to everything a sports car can and should be. I’m happy to share my knowledge of both classic and current models, whether assisting a client or just having friendly conversation. You’ll find I am always ready and willing to apply my expertise in order to meet all your parts and Tequipment needs. No matter if you need an oil filter for your 928, a roof rack for your Cayenne, or a sport steering wheel for your Carrera, you’ll be happy you came to us.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8130 • Email:

Richard Reyes

Richard Reyes | Porsche Parts Specialist

I feel fortunate to have turned my passion for cars into an exciting career. I have been a Certified Porsche Parts Specialist for the last 3 years, but have been in the automotive industry for over a decade. My knowledge of automotive repair, coupled with my experience as a Service Advisor, has prepared me to aid our customers in keeping their Porsche’s in factory condition.

An avid motorsports fan, some of my favorite pastimes include working on cars and learning about all the latest automobile technology and concepts.

Phone: 213.222.1295 Ext. 8130